Steampunk the Thames Festival is run by a voluntary organisation, Steampunk The Thames Inc., and its committee of eight, who bring to the festival a wealth of talent, fresh ideas and a passion to “art up Thames”.

We have created this festival to celebrate Thames’ own blend of art, heritage and culture; inspire and stimulate local talent; showcase local art and creativity and attract visitors to town to join us in having a rollicking good time.

The objectives of our new organisation are:

  • To explore the Victorian, engineering, industrial, scientific and technological heritage and future of Thames through the arts.

  • To encourage the public expression of steampunk and associated genres, encompassing many different artistic media and art forms.

  • Support and encourage education, mentoring and training opportunities of arts within the community.

  • Support, promote and expose art and artists of any and every description for the benefit of the community and members of the Society.

  • To strengthen and build community through steampunk themed initiatives and projects.

We have come together because we believe that the arts matter; that their practice can transform our lives and promote our community as a wonderful place to live, work, play and visit.

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