World Record Attempt

Steampunk putting Thames on the World Map

Steampunk the Thames Inc. will attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for Largest Gathering of Steampunks.

The record (228) is currently held by Steampunk New Zealand (Oamaru) but was challenged in New South Wales earlier this year. Steampunk the Thames was not going let our neighbours hold that title so have plans to bring it back to NZ. We are aiming for 400, although we may get more.

The rules and evidence required is quite strict so we are working through all the paperwork to ensure we are eligible to officially take the record. The event will take place on the Historic Kopu Bridge on Sat 9th November, with participants being screened from 3pm, and the official timing and photo of attempt at about 4.30pm. Participants will be screened as they enter the restricted area of the bridge –  We are suggesting more Victoriana styled steampunk clothing (as opposed to CyberPunk) and Goggles or Steampunked Eyewear incorporated into the costume. 

We are just clarifying with Guinness know about their definition of gadget. All are welcome but may be turned away of not eligible as we do not want to jeopardise our attempt. Those who want to take part can park their vehicles in Carswell Construction, Flooring Xtra, Coastal Bins, Placemakers Yards and Thames Frames & Trusses businesses space on Kopu Road, then walk to the bridge for inspection.

Coffee cart will be on site and somewhere to buy goggles if needed (Cash only please)

We are very happy to be working with the Historic Kopu Bridge Trust on this and ask people to respect their wishes of no weaponry.

A koha towards the Trust’s future objectives would be much appreciated.

Please note that all participants to sign a release as all photographic and video footage used as evidence of the attempt will belong to Guinness World Records.

They hold copyright to use those images in any way they see fit.

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